Digital Impact for Finance 2023

REPLAY Digital & Impact for Finance 2023

Sep 28th
09:30 am CEST - 09:35 am CEST

Welcome Speech

David Eizenberg
HUB Institute
Partnerships Developer
Sep 28th
09:35 am CEST - 10:00 am CEST

[Opening Keynote] How to anticipate the next wave of productivity cost optimization with Generative AI?

Discover how generative AI is transforming businesses, bringing profound change and paving the way for unprecedented cost optimization. Explore how these revolutionary technological advances are...
Paul Fave
HUB Institute
Chef de projet en transformation digitale & Expert IA Générative
Sep 28th
10:15 am CEST - 10:25 am CEST

ESG criteria: when finance makes a lasting commitment to greater transparency and impact!

Extra-financial criteria, like ESG criteria, are becoming major issues for companies. And compliance is ultimately becoming a competitive advantage for stakeholders such as investors, but also...
Nicolas Steib
Commercial Director
Sep 28th
10:25 am CEST - 10:35 am CEST

How will AI change the daily lives of Finance teams?

AI is now a reality for Finance teams thanks to tools like Regate, with use cases multiplying and prospects sometimes dizzying. For CFOs and their staff, the challenge is to understand what can be...
Laura Pallier
Sep 28th
11:05 am CEST - 11:20 am CEST

Spendesk x Welcome at Work: Control budgets, expenses and accounting in real time

Explore the fundamental strategies of budget control, expense optimization and accounting integration, illustrated by the success of Spendesk x Welcome at Work. Discover how real-time tracking...
Sophie Velle-Limonaire
Welcome at Work
Thibault Conques
Senior Customer Success Manager
Sep 28th
11:20 am CEST - 11:35 am CEST

Dematerialize and automate your accounting processes: cut costs and optimize your financial management!

Yoni Cotché
Groupe Reunimer
Responsable de la qualité comptable
Mauriane Vendeoux
Sales Consultant
Sep 28th
11:35 am CEST - 11:50 am CEST

Startup in hyper-growth and already profitable. What are the advantages of recruiting a CFO?

Feedback from a CFO who joined a hyper-growth startup, profitable from the outset and constantly evolving: what are the challenges and issues involved in building a finance team that is both solid...
Valérie Oziel
Chief Financial Officer
Sep 28th
11:50 am CEST - 12:00 pm CEST

What are the prospects for the CFO profession in the age of FinTech and digital tools?

After several years without major changes, the finance professions have recently been dusted off by multiple innovations, the emergence of new solutions and digitalization. How is the CFO, the...
Séverin Henry
VP Finance
Sep 28th
12:00 pm CEST - 12:15 pm CEST

Financial analysis & risk management: the CFO's key role in 2023

The CFO of 2023 is at the heart of every company's strategy. With repeated crises (COVID, financial, economic), the CFO's 360° vision enables organizations to better apprehend the risks they face.
Julien Madec
VP Finance
Sep 28th
12:15 pm CEST - 12:30 pm CEST

The CFO's strategic impact at Seyna!

Nicolas Foo