Digital & Impact for Finance

PROGRAM 2022 Digital & Impact for Finance

Nov 15th
08:30 am CET - 09:15 am CET


Nov 15th
09:15 am CET - 09:45 am CET


Nov 15th
09:45 am CET - 10:30 am CET

SESSION 1 : Accelerating the digital transformation of the finance department

After transformation of the customer journey, artificial intelligence is now fuelling the inexorable expansion of fintechs throughout the world of finance, including within the company. How should CFO 4.0 manage an ecosystem that is now entirely digital?
Nov 15th
10:30 am CET - 11:00 am CET


Nov 15th
11:00 am CET - 11:45 am CET

SESSION 2: Perspectives of cryptos within the company

Adoption of Mica writes a new page for European cryptos. Far from the pioneers of the past, crypto players can now work with businesses and build a new generation of fintechs. But in what ways? How do you accept payments in cryptos? What other bridges can be built between corporate finance and crypto assets?
Nov 15th
11:45 am CET - 12:30 pm CET

SESSION 3: Integrating impact into your business

Extra-financial reporting will directly influence the company's ability to finance itself. To manage it, the departments concerned must now learn to manage the impact as well as the transition: setting objectives, analysing stakeholders and measuring results. How can the company be structured in this sense? Should each company have a chief impact officer and an ad hoc department? What role can the CFO play, particularly management control, in the implementation of the new monitoring and reporting system?
Nov 15th
12:30 pm CET - 01:30 pm CET


Nov 15th
12:35 pm CET - 02:00 pm CET

[12:30 - 14:00] #CONNEXION : LUNCH